Nitty-Gritty work for independent professionals and small businesses that donít need a full-time secretary or office manager

Virtual Assistant Moonlight Madness

Moonlight Madness offers virtual assistance using new computer technology and 40+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant















Elva Miranda

Virtual Assistant


Are youÖ...

1. Spending more time on administrative tasks than you thought you would when you started your practice or business and you now dream about spending more time on the job you love?

2. Tired of paying a salary to an assistant who talks on the phone on your time, takes a vacation that you pay for, takes up space in your office, and expects that you pay for benefits and sick leave?

3. How about building a website to promote your business, or do you just want to change the look of the one you have and have someone maintain it for you?

If you answered yes, you need a VA and itís time to contact Moonlight Madness Virtual Assistant!

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