Iíve done it all, beginning my career after high school in 1966 and Iím Brainbench Certified!


About Me



My Experience


Medical Transcription for a Mental Health Facility


Developed and helped implement a variety of Memorandum of Understandings (MOUS), Agreements, and Grants, including those that must comply with state or federal agency guidelines


Developed and helped maintain department policies and procedures and department objectives for county health & human services department


Developed Power Point presentations for executive meetings


Wrote newsworthy articles for a small town newspaper


Data Entry for California Outcome Measurement System (CalOMS) that measures substance abuse clientsí statistics for County Department


Prepared agendas and minutes for private companies and county government


Designed brochures, catalogs, business cards, letterhead for the private sector and county department


Designed and prepared monthly newsletters for the gender equity program at a city college


Internet research


My Space and Web Site set-up, maintenance & blogging for personal or business use


Virtual Assistant (VA) Business Owner


My professional resume can be emailed to you upon request.

My Bio


I was born in San Francisco, California in 1948.† After graduation from high school in 1966 I married and went directly into the workforce.†


During high school my classes included Gregg shorthand, business, and college English. I excelled in all my high school classes because my dream was to become a top notch Executive Assistant for a Fortune 500 Company in San Francisco. In the 60ís these high school classes were recognized as prerequisites to obtain employment in my chosen field. They helped open the door for me to enter the workforce after high school.


I began my career in San Francisco working in a steno pool at Pacific Telephone in San Francisco and was able to advance and obtain a position as a top notch Executive Assistant for Arthur Young & Company, and worked for the Principal and Partner of the most recognized and prestigious auditing firms in the nation.† During this period my husband was also advancing in his career and became one of the foundling fathers of the warehouse food market.† Being the good wife that I was, I quit my position at Arthur Young and Company and followed my husband around in support of his career.† My chosen profession allowed me to find Executive Assistant positions anywhere in the country.†


Due to my divorce and an unstable economy, I decided to stay in the Sacramento area and pursue a county position for job security and stability, especially since I was now a single mom.† I miraculously found an Executive Assistant position for the Health & Human Services Department† in the county that I live and held that position for 12 years. i retired in July 2008 and my current husband of 5 years has also retired. We are currently travelling the good old u.s.a. in our Motor Home.


Why am I a VA?


After working for 40 years plus, I find that I love the work Iíve done through the years.† Also, due to new technology, I cannot only have fun travelling but also have fun working as a VA on jobs that I love via the Internet with our RVís mobile satellite system, and work with people who donít want to worry about having a professional office to maintain.








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