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Retired in 2008 at 60 plus, we are Chuck and Elva Newman, Wheel Estate Travelers.  We have a 1998 Safari Serengeti that we purchased in 2009, Ford Van tow; and are now official full time bus nuts who are wheel estate travelers. Our love for adventure, travel, making new friends, and living life to the fullest has brought us to our current passion and position in life.

We will be sharing our adventures on this website.  Please feel free to navigate through the sidebar located to the left.  You’ll find:

1. “Blogs” written by Elva outlining our many adventures, work camping, and volunteer services.

2. “Technical and Projects” information that Chuck will be writing regarding our 1998 Safari Serengeti.

3. “Favorite Links/You Tube Blogs/Videos” with links of travel related websites, “You Tube Video Blogs” showing our travels in-motion, and videos of vintage RVs and other travel related videos.

4. “Map of Where We Are” linked with datastorm.com that shows our current travel status.

5. “Geocaching Info” at geocaching.com about treasure-hunting while traveling.

6. “Contact Us” where you can email us with any questions or information.



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